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oil samples 15/08/2012

Possible Applications

Pyro-BAF combined with a biogas plant PDF download

The technology is ideal for companies or institutions having large amounts of biomass and/or plastic waste, such as biogas plants, disposal companies, airports, municipalities, food industry, forestry and agriculture – in general, all companies producing plastic waste or organic waste material and having high disposal costs. It is particularly effective if CHP generated energy (heat and electricity) is used on-site.
The Pyro-BAF technology can be combined with other bioenergy systems very well, optimally for example with biogas plants. After fermentation the digestates of biogas plants are normally used as a fertilizer. Currently the recycling of manure and digestate as fertilizer is allowed in Germany, but the use is not allowed anymore in other countries causing disposal problems there. Pyrolysis can exploit the digestate once more. The residual waste volume is minimised. Due to the removal of hydrocarbons the fertilizer value of the residual material is once more compacted by generating biochar. It can be used without problems as a high quality fertilizer – comparable to "Terra Preta" – or an energy carrier.
The energy sources generated by the BAF (gas and diesel) are converted into power and heat in the CHP, along with the biogas.
The separated water is fed to the biogas plant. Laboratory tests at the Harper Adams University in the UK showed up to 25% higher methane yield in the fermenter through the addition of the process water.

Turn your waste into a valuable resource instead of expensive disposal!

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