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Economic and Ecological Advantages of the Pyro BAF Technology

At a glance ...

preserving resources
no competition for land
reducing waste and disposal costs

security of energy supply
through a sustainable technology

strengthening regional sites

growing market with considerable perspective

mature technology


independence through feedstock diversity

high energy volume of the generated energy carriers


usable by-products
climate protection

rapid return on investment

comprehensive service

The Pyro-BAF Reactor is a bioenergy power plant to transform organic residues and plastic waste into cost-efficient and sustainable energy.

No cultivable acreages for food or feed need be lost nor ecologically valuable forests and fens destroyed due to the use of waste materials rather than energy crops.
In addition disposal fees and landfills will be reduced.

Decentralized energy supply with combined heat and
power has a high efficiency, relieves the national grid,
is climate-friendly and helps to secure future energy supplies. In combination with regional recycling the environmental, living and site conditions will be improved in the long term.

Increasing energy demand, limited fossil fuels and the political will to reduce CO2 emissions are increasing the market for renewable energy.

The Pyro-BAF technology was initially studied extensively on a laboratory scale. In 2012, a 150 kWel system was tested in England.

The technology can be combined with other bio-energy systems, e.g. biogas plants.

Different feedstocks can be used, the exchange is unproblematic. The energy output depends on the deployed primary fuels.

The energy content of the oil generated in the BAF process is high enough to use it directly for decentralized energy production in a combined heat and power unit. Due to the stability of the oil the suitability for storage and the transportability are very good. During peak hours, the oil can be used in the CHP.

The process becomes CO2 negative by returning the biochar to the soil in the form of fertilizer.

The financing plan for the Pyro-BAF technology is targeted to be in the black without grants. Depending on the site requirements and the feedstocks used, a Pyro-BAF system can pay for itself within three years.

Founded in 1989, WSE is your partner in the bioenergy sector since 2008. We can assist you with everything: from the first feasibility study, to the construction of your plant and even the preparation of all documents needed to achieve a production license according to the German Emission Prevention Law (BimSCHG).

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