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Pyro-BAF process: pellets, biochar and oil samples

The Pyro-BAF Process

Clean, eco-friendly, economic, renewable

Together with Professor Andreas Hornung – director of the Sulzbach-Rosenberg Institute of Fraunhofer UMSICHT – Ulrich Wirtz – managing director of WSE Ltd. – developed the innovative Pyro-BAF technology (Bio Activated Fuel) for energy extraction since 2009.

The Pyro-BAF technology is an efficient process for decentralized energy production to generate engine-suited fuels from biomass in combination with oil-containing residue for use in combined heat and power plants.
There can be various types of biomass used by pyrolysis, the main focus being on waste or residual materials. Hence there is among other things no competition for land for cultivation of food and feed, residues are recycled instead of being disposed of.

Due to its flexibility the process is less vulnerable to fluctuation in biomass feedstock prices.
The biomass needs no pre-processing, it can be treated in any form and size ranging from small pellets to chips.
The feedstock for the BAF reactor may range from plastic waste (PE/PP), oil residues or waste oil to bio oils like glycerol. Again, the reduction of waste to landfill and the cost-cutting of waste disposal is obvious.

New energy sources are generated from bio-mass and oil-containing waste material by this innovative technology:
Gas, biofuel and biochar offering high quality and energy efficiency.

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