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We create a sustainable future of energy!

The steady growth of the world population comes along with an increasing energy demand and a growing waste accumulation. At the same time feedstocks and energy resources decrease.
Thus the economic development and the welfare of future generations are at risk.
The sustainable security of energy supply and the efficient recycling of waste is a major technological and social challenge and will remain in the long run. Energy and waste management concepts which reconcile the economy, the environment and the security of energy supplies are the basis for responsible environmental and energy policy. In addition to the conversation of energy the comprehensive use of energy-efficient technologies is necessary to achieve an eco-friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply.
Biomass and bio-waste power plants loom large in the renewable energy sector. The high energy content in waste, residues and biomass allows to use independently of sunshine and wind speed: Wherever and at the time when energy is needed – especially at peak load times.

WSE sticks up for Bioenergy

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